About The Human Calculator

Scott Flansburg is The Human Calculator®, one of only a handful of people on the planet with the remarkable ability to perform mathematical calculations at superhuman speeds. Scott currently holds the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Human Calculator” by adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person can using a calculator.

Scott’s amazing ability allows him to perform high-speed arithmetic in his mind, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square and cube roots, and perpetual calendar calculations, without the use of any props. He is a passionate speaker who loves to share his gift with others. Scott teaches his non-traditional but effective proprietary mathematics system to adults and kids of all ages helping them to turn on the human calculator in their own minds.

With over 20 years experience as an elite “edutainer,” Scott speaks to educators, parents, corporate leaders, and thousands of kids each year around the world, showcasing his skills while teaching them about arithmetic. His mission is to help people improve their basic number skills regardless of their age, and convince them that arithmetic can be fun and empowering.

Some of the world-renowned companies, organizations, and events where Scott has appeared as a Keynote Speaker include: NASA, IBM, Polaroid, Unocal, Math Counts, Software Publishers, Tony Robbins Seminars, The Smithsonian Institute, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as appearances at thousands of schools around the world.

Scott’s keynote presentations are packed with excitement, mind-blowing demonstrations, and hands-on learning to provide the audience with a one-of-a-kind experience. His programs can be tailored to a number of different topics and incorporates multimedia to enhance the creative learning process.

Stat Sheet
  • "Fastest Human Calculator" by The Guinness Book of World Records, 2014
  • Past appearances include:
    • The Oprah Winfrey Show
    • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    • The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    • ABC’s Good Morning America
    • History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Superhumans
    • Larry King Live o Live with Regis and Kathy Lee
    • Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
    • Howard Stern o The 700 Club
    • Primetime America
    • CNN Day Watch
    • How’d They Do That?
    • ESPN’s World Series of Poker
  • Author
    • Turn on The Human Calculator in You
    • Math Magic
    • Math Magic for Your Kids: Hundreds of Games and Exercises from the Human Calculator to Make Math Fun and Easy
  • Annual host and ambassador for World Maths Day
  • Keynote speaker at world-renowned institutions including:
    • NASA
    • The Smithsonian Institute
    • IBM
    • Tony Robbins Seminars
    • The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • The Mental Calculation World Cup
Media Clips
Speaking Topics
  • Mental math in everyday life
  • Motivation through mathematics
  • Professional development
  • Sports
  • Corporate finance (e.g. banking, insurance, Wall Street, national debt)
  • Personal finance
  • Business
  • Historical dates / calendar

For more information on scheduling an appearance with Scott Flansburg, please contact Terrell Brown at Terrell@thehumancalculator.com